Tuesday, December 16, 2014

@ Home

A: 12 days of fitness (christmas)
1 tire flip
2 burpees
3 sdhp w/ 40# db
5 supine situps
6 push press w/ 40# db
7 box jumps 20# box
8 walking lunges
9 ring rows
10 wall ball shots w/ 20# ball
11 kb swings w/ 1.5pood
12 high hang snatches w/ 75#
35 min cap

The Why: Just keeping w/ holiday spirit & to partake in a chipper that would hurt a bit. Also w/ the morning WOD being heavy felt moving fast though body weight stuff would be a good change up & allow for lactic acid recovery.

The Goal: Move through movemnets w/o much standing around & have short transitions

The Experience: 12:20 left (22:40 total) Moved well. Only found ring rows to be the toughest. Had to break up snatches a bit. Push press was easier than I expected as the 40#'s sometimes give me a fit. Shoulders working well. Wind wasn't ever really an issue either. Wall ball shots were work to stay focused & keep squat intact to maintain power through the push. Can't really say any of the movements gave me to much trouble. Want to do 12 days of fitness w/ only one bar....I'm sure that would bring the pain.

@ Home

7 Min of burpees
1 deadlift at the start of the min @ 295#

 The Why: Wanted todo something that was going to raise my pulse but also be very heavy and challenging. Taxing the neuro system. Though 295# is not supper heavy, it is right not that I'm getting back on the bar. Short & tough was also the goal, push so hard you balance on the line of "missing"

 The Goal:

  • Not delay w/ dead after getting up from burpees. 
  • Not miss a lift
  • Not be intimidated by weight

 The Experience: I did well. I also did miss a lift & had to reattempt. Burpees were a great lung killer. Bar was super heavy at time. Need to remember to push hips underneath bar to get it moving. Back on fire after but felt better throughout day. I liked this short heavy burn of a WOD. Will put this one in back pocket for later. Averaged about 11 burpees per min w/ 16 as the highest & 8 for the lowest of rounds.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

@ Home

Clock Starts
Deadlift @ 225@
Box Jumps 20"
4:16 mins left

Roll Clock till 10:00

3 rnds
15 burpees
15 thrusters w/ 75#
:59 secs left

Roll clock till 20:00

Single Arm Snatches w/ 40# db
8 pushups into rnd of 15's

Done @ 30:00 mins

The Why: I needed to feel some pain. I'm working on more than just fitness but rather mental fortitude. Never in the Seals but would like to think that if I had ever had the chance I would be able to mentally able to survive. Giving up is not a default quality I want to have. Must push on no matter what, even when the odds are against me & the challenge ahead seems to be growing the closer it gets.

The Goal: - Limit the breaks
                - Go as unbroken as possible
                - Keep head a bout you
The Experience: Deads were good but I could feel them on the box jumps. Jumps were only a wind breaker. Rest between WOD 1 and 2 was nice a long. Thursters kicked my ass. I was doing sets of 5 on rnds 2 and 3. Burpees were nice break. Going into #3 I had only a short break and was fearfull about dubs which did get the best of me. Rnd w/ 40 dubs took nearly 3-4 mins due to only getting 2-3 dubs an attempt. I'm not sure however even if my dubs were consistent that I would have been able to complete total WOD's. Pushups were killers w/ only sets of 5. This is what happens when you attempt to follow The Spealler!!

Friday, December 12, 2014


With the inspiration comming from http://chrisspealler.com/the-experience/ I will now be performing workouts from his site. I most likely will be mixing others in probably due to lack of resources to completely follow his site but the intent will be intact.

With the intent I will also be posting my entrys to my blog similar to his.
The Why: what inspired me to do these movements or time domains...etc.
The Goal: how I wanted to perform
The Experiance: how it felt and did my performance meet my expectations. Also, what was going on in my head during.

I hope I can keep up with this along with all my other stuff but if Speal can do it then I will have to give it a try.

Thank you & Stay tuned!

@ home

A: 50 situps (anchored
50 dubs
50 situps
50 lunges
50 situps
50 burpees
50 situps

The Why: Intensity is the key. Short transitions w/ consistency in movements. Also pushing through mental hurdle rather than inability to lift or move something heavy. I wanted to see "the white light" and I knew this one would do it.

 The Goal: Reading speallers site I was sure I read 7 mins but wasn't sure so I pushing for it. I would settler for sub 10 w/o breaks. GO HARD and see "the white light"

The Experience: Was able todo it w/o breaks & started to see "the white light' which was good for me. Dubs went well cause they were in the beginning. Lunges were awesome. Burpees was a push but as always a welcome. Situps coming in sets of 10 w/ 3-4 sec break while resting at the top. I wanted sub 10 but perhaps another time. Rest tomorrow.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

@ School

A: 5 rft of
25 push press w/ 25# db
50# db farmers walk aprox 20 yards
10 on db pushups
50# db farmers walk back

A: 11:07

When I had started I was only going todo 10 push presses but in first round it was so light that I decided todo 25 instead. It was'a hurting on the following round. Defecit pushups on db's were tough. Arms shaking while I type this in math lab.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

@ Home

A: 15 mins
5 squat cleans @ 115# EMOM for the first 5 mis
4 squat clenas @ 115# EMOM for the second 5 mins
3 squat cleans @ 115# EMOM for the final 5 mins
60 total squat cleans in 15 mins


Holy stanky leg BATMAN. I was shaking after this one. I looked like a giraffe freshly born walking around. This is a 'good on paper' one. Cleans felt great till about 2 rnd of 4's. First rep each time was awesome, I was catching it high & pushing hips through which helped get me up. Missed on one but didn't drop it & did a HHSC. Elbows up!! Felt good.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

@ Home

A: 5 rft of
12 deads
9 hpc
6 pp
Must be unbroken

A: 7:22

Wanted todo it with 115# but glad I didn't. 95# got heavy during HPC's.

Miss this guy, will one day see him back on here

Thursday, December 4, 2014

@ School

10-1 pushups
20 unbroken dubs in between ladders
1-10 squats

A: 23:50

Finally a WOD in!! Longer than I would have liked but my stomach was upside down after Calhoun employee holiday lunch-in and dubs were broken at times and had to be started over. A's in Math & English!!! I amd still so very excited. Looking forward to up & comming WOD's.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

@ Home

A: 5 x 3 Snatch Balance
B: 4 clean pulls w/ #5 a full squat clean
1 dead
1 hpc
1 fs
Add a rep each minute and complete reps before the minute is up.

A: 85#
B: 155#
C: 6 pp into round 7

Tough day. Felt good to get some time in the gym w/o stuff on my mind. SB's were hard to stay under bar and brining back to back was tough as usual. Clean pulls were good but on 155# I was not able to string final rep into clean pulls. C: was similar to sloppy seven. Super sore in the evening after.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

@ School

A: 21-15-9
35# db thrusters

A: 7:23

Tough. Did it at the gym at calhoun. They had the heater on at about 100 degrees. It was tough but fun. Getting there.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

@ Home

A: 5 rep max dead

box jumps
pp w/ 45# bar
tire pull
shuttle sprints

A: 275#
B: Done

Deads felt heavy from Sunday's WOD. WOD was tough w/ those damn sumo's. Shuttle sprints are not fun and I suck at them. Leah was catching me while doing them. Good early morning WOD on the day that we should give more. I want to run a 10k but have to goto work instead. Thank a VET!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

@ Home

A: 5x5  High Hang Clean Pulls off blocks

B:  5 rft of
10 pp 40# db
25 dubs
5 Heavy Deads @ 255#

A: (numbers later)
B: 9:27

Clean pulls were awesome. Shoulders, lat and delts are smashed & I feel strong at the top. Going to keep working w/ the blocks. WOD was tough. Deads were singles. Dubs always work when winded. Good long session w/o to much distraction. Good Sunday School WOD all by myself.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

@ home & @ school

@ home did:
Box squats

@ school did:
5 rft of
15 kb swings w/ 1.5 pood
15 burpies

@ home: 135-155-175-195
@ school: 8:13 PR!!

Did @ home WOD w/ Leah at butt crack o' dawn. Good bit of stregth work. Box squats are good...and could have gone heavier.

Did @ school WOD w/ 2 of my medic students. One of which is woring on HF&R CPAT. She did well but she has some work todo. I moved well. It's obvious when you WOD you push harder when someone is in the room w/ you. Feeling good, feeling great, how are you? Getting out'a that slump.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

@ home

A: 10 rnds of Cindy Sub'd
5 cleans @ 95#
10 pushups
15 squats

A: 12:27

Only tough part was the air squats. Cleans felt good & push ups were easy. Was orginally considering a 20 min amrap w/ these movements but wanted to enjoy sometime w/ the girls. 8 more mins woud not have been terrible. Maybe?

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