Tuesday, December 23, 2014


3 rft of
5 deads #245
10 burpees

6:57 remaining

@ 10 mins start

4 rft of
10 hhs
10 air squats

more than 5 mins left

 The Why: Fast and quick. Once again move some weight but also move some body weight w/ some intensity. Feel the "ache". Built in rest can keep the intensity high.

 The Goal: Keep intensity up & move as efficient as possible. From burpees get right back on deads. Same for snatch & air squats.

 The Experience: Deads felt light & burpees were a nice break. Should have made it 5 rnds instead as there was more than 5 mins of rest. Same for 2nd WOD. It should have been 5 rnds & squat w/ the bar. Short little burner but could have had a little move value. Might repeat this one w/ more content.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


21-18-15-12-9-6-3 push press
alternating starting w/
5 burpees
10 hpc

No time kept

The Why: Move moderate weight for high reps and w/ different movements & w/ same bar. Used burps to break up bar in hand. Was a quick throw together and I'm sure I could have come up with some better quality programming w/ a little more time.

The Goal: Not put the bar down during both the PP & the HPC's. Continue moving w/ minimal bar gazing. Be sure to get the HPC's unbroken.

The Experience: PP felt good on the 21's & 18's. After I would put the bar down I was cleaning it & going right into the push press. I was trying to string the most reps together that I could. PP's felt good when the bar was on the rack but my wind was getting short. I think a WOD w/ a bar in hand the entire time would be good. I need to get an ass'kicker in soon. I'm craving one.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


A: Partner WOD
#1 holds deadlift @ 295#
#2 tire flip jump through 15 reps
40 wall ball shots split evenly between
#2 holds deadlift #115
1# tire flip jump through 15 reps
40 wall ball shots split evenly between

2 mins later do

B: Bring Sally Up w/ pvc pipe

The Why: Heavy work again w/ some lung burn. Also mental fuck'a'tude w/ heavy bar & partner having to move "faster". Team work.

 The Goal: Not drop bar and keep wallball shots clean and accurate. Bring Sally Up is just get though it w/o crying like a bitch.

The Experience: Dead was heavy as I expected. Was only able to hold bar while partner flipped 5 times then dropped again at about the 9 or 10 mark. Picked it up and dropped about 2 more times. Wallball shots the first time was smooth and easy. Tire flip jump through was a lung cooker & made the return wallball shots tough and not easy. Either way they were not borkeded up. Sally Up...I hate her...but I'm glad she left me able to walk. Next time I'll put an unloaded bar.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

@ Home

A: 12 days of fitness (christmas)
1 tire flip
2 burpees
3 sdhp w/ 40# db
5 supine situps
6 push press w/ 40# db
7 box jumps 20# box
8 walking lunges
9 ring rows
10 wall ball shots w/ 20# ball
11 kb swings w/ 1.5pood
12 high hang snatches w/ 75#
35 min cap

The Why: Just keeping w/ holiday spirit & to partake in a chipper that would hurt a bit. Also w/ the morning WOD being heavy felt moving fast though body weight stuff would be a good change up & allow for lactic acid recovery.

The Goal: Move through movemnets w/o much standing around & have short transitions

The Experience: 12:20 left (22:40 total) Moved well. Only found ring rows to be the toughest. Had to break up snatches a bit. Push press was easier than I expected as the 40#'s sometimes give me a fit. Shoulders working well. Wind wasn't ever really an issue either. Wall ball shots were work to stay focused & keep squat intact to maintain power through the push. Can't really say any of the movements gave me to much trouble. Want to do 12 days of fitness w/ only one bar....I'm sure that would bring the pain.

@ Home

7 Min of burpees
1 deadlift at the start of the min @ 295#

 The Why: Wanted todo something that was going to raise my pulse but also be very heavy and challenging. Taxing the neuro system. Though 295# is not supper heavy, it is right not that I'm getting back on the bar. Short & tough was also the goal, push so hard you balance on the line of "missing"

 The Goal:

  • Not delay w/ dead after getting up from burpees. 
  • Not miss a lift
  • Not be intimidated by weight

 The Experience: I did well. I also did miss a lift & had to reattempt. Burpees were a great lung killer. Bar was super heavy at time. Need to remember to push hips underneath bar to get it moving. Back on fire after but felt better throughout day. I liked this short heavy burn of a WOD. Will put this one in back pocket for later. Averaged about 11 burpees per min w/ 16 as the highest & 8 for the lowest of rounds.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

@ Home

Clock Starts
Deadlift @ 225@
Box Jumps 20"
4:16 mins left

Roll Clock till 10:00

3 rnds
15 burpees
15 thrusters w/ 75#
:59 secs left

Roll clock till 20:00

Single Arm Snatches w/ 40# db
8 pushups into rnd of 15's

Done @ 30:00 mins

The Why: I needed to feel some pain. I'm working on more than just fitness but rather mental fortitude. Never in the Seals but would like to think that if I had ever had the chance I would be able to mentally able to survive. Giving up is not a default quality I want to have. Must push on no matter what, even when the odds are against me & the challenge ahead seems to be growing the closer it gets.

The Goal: - Limit the breaks
                - Go as unbroken as possible
                - Keep head a bout you
The Experience: Deads were good but I could feel them on the box jumps. Jumps were only a wind breaker. Rest between WOD 1 and 2 was nice a long. Thursters kicked my ass. I was doing sets of 5 on rnds 2 and 3. Burpees were nice break. Going into #3 I had only a short break and was fearfull about dubs which did get the best of me. Rnd w/ 40 dubs took nearly 3-4 mins due to only getting 2-3 dubs an attempt. I'm not sure however even if my dubs were consistent that I would have been able to complete total WOD's. Pushups were killers w/ only sets of 5. This is what happens when you attempt to follow The Spealler!!

Friday, December 12, 2014


With the inspiration comming from http://chrisspealler.com/the-experience/ I will now be performing workouts from his site. I most likely will be mixing others in probably due to lack of resources to completely follow his site but the intent will be intact.

With the intent I will also be posting my entrys to my blog similar to his.
The Why: what inspired me to do these movements or time domains...etc.
The Goal: how I wanted to perform
The Experiance: how it felt and did my performance meet my expectations. Also, what was going on in my head during.

I hope I can keep up with this along with all my other stuff but if Speal can do it then I will have to give it a try.

Thank you & Stay tuned!

@ home

A: 50 situps (anchored
50 dubs
50 situps
50 lunges
50 situps
50 burpees
50 situps

The Why: Intensity is the key. Short transitions w/ consistency in movements. Also pushing through mental hurdle rather than inability to lift or move something heavy. I wanted to see "the white light" and I knew this one would do it.

 The Goal: Reading speallers site I was sure I read 7 mins but wasn't sure so I pushing for it. I would settler for sub 10 w/o breaks. GO HARD and see "the white light"

The Experience: Was able todo it w/o breaks & started to see "the white light' which was good for me. Dubs went well cause they were in the beginning. Lunges were awesome. Burpees was a push but as always a welcome. Situps coming in sets of 10 w/ 3-4 sec break while resting at the top. I wanted sub 10 but perhaps another time. Rest tomorrow.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

@ School

A: 5 rft of
25 push press w/ 25# db
50# db farmers walk aprox 20 yards
10 on db pushups
50# db farmers walk back

A: 11:07

When I had started I was only going todo 10 push presses but in first round it was so light that I decided todo 25 instead. It was'a hurting on the following round. Defecit pushups on db's were tough. Arms shaking while I type this in math lab.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

@ Home

A: 15 mins
5 squat cleans @ 115# EMOM for the first 5 mis
4 squat clenas @ 115# EMOM for the second 5 mins
3 squat cleans @ 115# EMOM for the final 5 mins
60 total squat cleans in 15 mins


Holy stanky leg BATMAN. I was shaking after this one. I looked like a giraffe freshly born walking around. This is a 'good on paper' one. Cleans felt great till about 2 rnd of 4's. First rep each time was awesome, I was catching it high & pushing hips through which helped get me up. Missed on one but didn't drop it & did a HHSC. Elbows up!! Felt good.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

@ Home

A: 5 rft of
12 deads
9 hpc
6 pp
Must be unbroken

A: 7:22

Wanted todo it with 115# but glad I didn't. 95# got heavy during HPC's.

Miss this guy, will one day see him back on here

Thursday, December 4, 2014

@ School

10-1 pushups
20 unbroken dubs in between ladders
1-10 squats

A: 23:50

Finally a WOD in!! Longer than I would have liked but my stomach was upside down after Calhoun employee holiday lunch-in and dubs were broken at times and had to be started over. A's in Math & English!!! I amd still so very excited. Looking forward to up & comming WOD's.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

@ Home

A: 5 x 3 Snatch Balance
B: 4 clean pulls w/ #5 a full squat clean
1 dead
1 hpc
1 fs
Add a rep each minute and complete reps before the minute is up.

A: 85#
B: 155#
C: 6 pp into round 7

Tough day. Felt good to get some time in the gym w/o stuff on my mind. SB's were hard to stay under bar and brining back to back was tough as usual. Clean pulls were good but on 155# I was not able to string final rep into clean pulls. C: was similar to sloppy seven. Super sore in the evening after.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

@ School

A: 21-15-9
35# db thrusters

A: 7:23

Tough. Did it at the gym at calhoun. They had the heater on at about 100 degrees. It was tough but fun. Getting there.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

@ Home

A: 5 rep max dead

box jumps
pp w/ 45# bar
tire pull
shuttle sprints

A: 275#
B: Done

Deads felt heavy from Sunday's WOD. WOD was tough w/ those damn sumo's. Shuttle sprints are not fun and I suck at them. Leah was catching me while doing them. Good early morning WOD on the day that we should give more. I want to run a 10k but have to goto work instead. Thank a VET!!

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